Okay, so minus the wallpaper I’m going to need this exact bathroom.

The clockwork heart journal by ArtbugCarl

Clients first tattoos! Steampunk F-Holes. two 7-8 hour sessions

Steampunk Game Boy

Steampunk Telephone

 Steampunk style telephone with working generator crank! 
 Replica of L.M. Ericsson’s 1892 model. 
 Features push-button dialing for convenience, too!

 A replica of L.M. Ericsson’s 1892 model, right down to the realistic working magneto generator crank and ornaments, this Steampunk Telephone is a must-have, fully functional collectible. This steampunk telephone has a die-cast handset and body frame, dark charcoal body, antique brass finishing, and a classic felted handset cord. The rotary-like dial has push button dialing convenience, while the center medallion acts as a last number redial button. The steampunk landline telephone features high/low volume control on the receiver and a ringer on/off feature as well. Measures 11-inches tall x 6 1/ 2-inches long x 5 1/2-inches wide.
Price: $112.99

The Hand of Metal God.
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